Spare Parts

An adequate stock of spares is maintained in Singapore.

Dispatch is usually done on the day of the order confirmation.

We stock a wide range of turbocharger parts – new and reconditioned and are committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices.

Complete Cartridges / Turbochargers, Service Kits, Bearings, Oil Pumps, Nozzle rings, Cover rings, Gas inlet casings, Gas outlet casings, Turbine Blades, Compressor wheels, Filter segments are the most commonly sold spare parts.

Damaged rotor blades can cause imbalance. When this imbalance exceeds the permissible tolerance, vibrations are produced which wear down the bearings and in the long term cause major damage to the entire Turbocharger. Extensive repairs and downtime are then unavoidable.

Dynamic balancing is performed using a Schenck CAB 690 H Balancing Machine with H40 / 20 BUTL pedestals.

Accurate balancing is of utmost importance and not a single rotor leaves our workshop without having been tested and, if necessary, corrected.